This Little Piggy Got Divorced

From the best-selling author of This Little Piggy went to Prada, Spy Publishing presents a wry, politically incorrect, sometimes shocking but ultimately sympathetic handbook on divorce. Beautiful illustrations with witty, pithy and humorous commentary all wrapped up in a luxurious, linen-bound cover. With the ever-growing list of glorious and glamorous divorcees, This Little Piggy Got Divorced is poised to become an icon of the zeitgeist.

This Little Piggy Got Divorced says what everyone wants to say but feels they can’t. Speaking to a predominately female audience, it takes a chronological approach to the process of divorce – both physical and emotional – with sometimes dark and always witty anecdotes and illustrations.

Ultimately a celebration of survival, it’s a life-giving breath of fresh air and hope in difficult times.

This Little Piggy Got Divorced

Price: £12.95 / SD39.80
ISBN : 978-0-9544964-8-7

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Glamorous businesswoman, successful entrepreneur, bestselling author, mother and divorcee, Amy (Allen) Poon shakes off the doom, gloom and shame traditionally associated with the increasing reality of divorce and dares to go where no book, talk show or politician has gone before.

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